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Bangu’s is a sad story. The kind we know will have a happy ending though. He is 12, lives in Mograbav in Madhya Pradesh. His father is a daily wage-earner, mother is physically challenged and elder brother is mentally challenged. With a tiny income and a big family, Bangu’s father saw a solution in sending him as a bonded labourer to a neighbouring town. For three long years, the boy grazed cattle, did household chores and more for very little food and a cold bed to sleep in.

Good tidings came in the form of Hand in Hand India mobilisers who found his name on the school records, but the boy was missing. After a small struggle with his parents and employers, Bangu was enrolled in Hand in Hand India’s NRSTC.

Bangu finds happiness in reading stories and learning new things. To make up for his lost years, the shy little boy tells us that he wants to become a teacher. More power to the teaching community!


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