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Your contribution is an investment in extraordinary impact. Our commitment to transparency and accountability ensures that the end-user of funds is clearly identifiable in all activities and at all times. Our overhead costs of both Switzerland and implementing countries are very low with administrative costs restricted to 7%.


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Donate for Education

343 607 enrolled in schools

Support a child’s education by giving them nutritious food, a library for to read, school uniforms, stationery and books.

Donate for Empowerment

4.5 million women employed

Empower a woman to set up her own enterprise, give her a voice, teach her to write a business plan and to be independent.

Donate for Environment

2,492,660 trees planted

Support families reclaim barren land to organic farming, reviving agriculture for tribal farmers and replenishing the groundwater table.

Donate for Dream Village
Dream Village

445 villages uplifted

From identifying women and youth to train to providing them credit to establish their own businesses, this program focusses on the general upliftment of a village. Help bring about a change across India.

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