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Hand in Hand Switzerland is central in achieving the overarching goals to alleviate poverty and to promote unique job creation model internationally to bring about lasting change. Being based in Geneva, a city known to be a focal point for humanitarian, development and governance issues, we are at the heart of key players that can help influence decision-making and build partnerships and networks to achieve our goals. We also share  our expertise in Geneva, and beyond, to build partnerships and promote best practices

The strategic objectives for HIH Switzerland are broken down in 3 pillars:

  • Outreach – Building partnerships to promote best practice

  • Revenue generation – Growing to achieve our goals

  • Communication – Showing impact and raising awareness

Our Model

Hand in Hand India has developed a unique model of sustainability to ensure continued service to the communities we work with. By creating several relevant for profit entities across the spectrum of our work, we cross subsidize expenses and maximise value. All the entities are steered by a group of qualified, passionate individuals

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