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Our Aim

We engage with vulnerable children and youth from remote and rural areas and provide them with access to quality education and opportunities through our residential and non residential programmes. The ILO estimates that close to 10 million children in India fall under the wrath of child labour. Our objective remains simple – to support in the eradication of child labour and ensure that every child has access to his or her rights and to education. Our programmes are holistic focusing on not only identifying children under these difficult circumstances but bringing them back their lost childhood through a comprehensive residential special training center that focuses on mental and physical well being aside from education.Once they are ready, the children are put into the Government education system.With a strong group of child rights protection committee members, the children are tracked till they graduate highschool, ensuring they do not drop out of the system once again. Our programme in India aligns itself with the objectives of the SSA (Samagraha Siksha) universal education programme initiative of the Government of India.

Our Impact through our field initiatives in India 


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Child Labour Elimination

Child Labour Elimination

Any child who is not in school is considered a child labourer. Our child labour elimination programme was started as a solution to educate these children who were being engaged in labour by enrolling them into bridge schools and providing a conducive environment to learn before they are mainstreamed into government schools.

Higher Education

Higher Education

Soon after completing primary or secondary education most of the children from poor families completely move away from education. Girls move away owing to the cultural norm of getting married, while boys do so to shoulder the family responsibilities and to take up a job. We encourage such children to continue education through sponsorship programmes, tuition and coaching and provision of nutritious meal to concentrate on higher education.

Child health and nutrition

Child health and nutrition

Child nutrition is key to ensure normal growth during their formative years and improving anganwadi (child day care centres) in India. We promote early childhood care and nutrition through awareness and training to mothers. In India, this is done through the distribution of nutrition supplements provided by the government, tracking the health status of the child and providing spot feeding for severely malnourished children and facilitating community health clinics.

Our Goal

2000 child labour free villages by 2025

Stories Of Change


Student at RSTC, Tamil Nadu

Covid-19 and lockdown have changed the lives of many people. Lata is one of them. The 14 year old girl decided to sacrifice her studies to alleviate the burden on the family. Lata is living with her parents and 6 siblings in Kakalpura village. Lata was studying in RSTC run by Hand in Hand India but realized her responsibilities when she returned home during the lockdown. As she was not able to attend online classes, her interest in studies got affected. Having younger siblings at home and the poor financial situation of her family forced her to think about earning money to support her family. She started working in a factory in a nearby town and was hardly getting Rs.100-120 daily. Slowly, she was getting detached from studies. After the lockdown, the HIH Team came to know that Lata has dropped her studies and started working in a factory. The HiH team convinced her parents to give Lata a chance to get a better education and got her admission to the government school in Nalchha.

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Your donation will support a centre in various ways – computer rooms, library facilities, mattresses for children, sports facilities or nourishing meals. Our 8 centres across India cater to vulnerable children from underprivileged backgrounds.

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