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Timely humanitarian support during the second wave of COVID-19 in India was the most imperative and necessary action. Hence, to meet the growing demands, this project was implemented to support our Green Friends by providing them with protective materials, food ration kits, and boxes that would help them tide over the dire phase of the pandemic when people’s grocery shops were overwhelmed or open only for a short period. Provisions worth INR 1,000 each was distributed to 1,000 Green Friends working across the eight project locations in India. The COVID relief materials also helped them save money for personal needs as many are sole breadwinners for their families. Another initiative of the project involved the launching of a battery-operated vehicle at the Chengalpattu Government Hospital in Tamil Nadu. This vehicle would ferry the sick and vulnerable patients across the 350-acre hospital campus and help them reach their locations on time without hassle. There were also various awareness activities conducted about vaccination and immunization against the virus.


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