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The project focuses on creating a child-friendly village by upgrading and supporting the government school infrastructure, ensuring all children have access to high-quality education. In 2021, a new Children Learning Centre (CLC) has been established which educates 27 vulnerable rural children. CLCs provide a platform for children to continue their education and stay in touch with the basic concepts of Maths, English, and Tamil. The classes are conducted by adorning to all the COVID-19 safety norms and the children are provided with face masks and sanitizers to the children. Some of the key activities of the program include training on Child Rights and Acts to 245 adolescent girls as well as distribution of sports materials to 511 students at Govt. Higher Secondary School, Kaliyampoondi. Focusing on empowering girl children, 15 girls were encouraged to take up Karate as a sport, and uniforms were distributed to them.


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