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The lives of Priya, Preeti, Sangita, and Ishika completely changed when they had an opportunity to study at one of the Residential Schools run by Hand in Hand. Yet this was not how their stories began. The girls belong to a Scheduled Tribe community and hail from Mandav Hills, Madhya Pradesh. Having always dreamt of attaining a good education, the financial situation of the families prevented them from acquiring this dream and they eventually resorted to Child labour to help the parents which kept them away from education. It was during one of the routine field visits that the team noticed the girls working instead of being in school. They immediately approached the parents and urged them to enrol the girls in an all-paid for residential school and motivated the families to educate the girls and help them achieve their dreams. After a 2 year program at the RSTC, the girls were mainstreamed into Government schools in the district where they proved to be excellent in their studies. Thanks to the efforts of the team who counselled the parents the girls are now on a thriving path to accomplish their dreams.


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