Womens' Healthcare

In rural areas, access to health facilties and appropriate technlology is limited. Our health interventions focus on addressing issues of maternal health and anaemia control while also providing training and awareness to self-help group members on nutrition, diseases, sanitation and hygiene.

Anaemia Control

Anaemia, if not treated, leads to a cycle of fatigue, ill-health and low immunity amongst women and adolescent girls. By screening and educating women on the importance of a balanced diet and personal hygiene as well as by providing supplements, the anaemia awareness and control programme aims to curb incidents of anaemia. Modern, non-invasive techniques are used to monitor and check haemoglobin levels.

Maternal & Child Health

Our interventions in Maternal and Child Health involve work with pregnant women, lactating mothers and children up to 1 year of age. The focus areas are maternal health with monthly health check-ups along with awareness and counselling on high risk deliveries and other health complications. Furthermore, awareness building activities are conducted on immunizations and vaccinations required for both mother and child.

We have collaborated with UBS Optimus Foundation (Switzerland) on an innovative project to promote Early Childhood Development through forming and Training Mothers Collectives across 40 villages for the next 3 years in Madhya Pradesh and Tami Nadu in India.


Medical Camp Beneficiaries


Women brought out of anaemia


SHG women health workers


* Data as of April 2017

Puspalatha’s story

Puspalatha is one of the thousands of women who have benefitted from our health interventions. She is 24 and the mother of two naughty boys. During her pregnancy, she was diagnosed with anemia with a hemoglobin level of just 9! This affected her health, stamina and her physical ability especially during menstruation. Pushpalatha was counseled by us to ensure a regular diet that included iron-folic acid for a period of three months at the end of which her hemoglobin level increased to a healthy14. Puspalatha says she felt more positive towards life and never felt tired.