Skill Development

To enable a smooth transition to formal employment, to bridge the digital divide and bring about rural technology inclusion, skill development is provided to address the skill gaps for women and youth.

A plethora of trainings are offered depending on requirements of industry and location to ensure sustainability. While Self Help Group (SHG) women are the main target beneficiaries of this programme, youth (ages 18-25) belonging to SHG families and villages are also targeted. Some specific areas of training for SHG women include handicrafts, handlooms, beauty and wellness, healthcare, food service and processing. Alternatively, youth are trained in automotive repair, electronics, IT etc.


Women given skills training



Women given skill training


* Data as of April 2017

Bangles from Bhopal

Sheela Bai Verma participated in our Integrated Energy & Enterprise Module Training, which enabled her to set up an electric bangle making enterprise. She later upgraded to LED light bangle making machines that increased the quality of her output. The benefits of the training transcended economic gains for Sheela. Her family respects and supports her in her work and she is able to provide employment to other women as well. She earns a sum of INR 700 per day, makes monthly sales of INR 15,000 and saves INR 5,000 per month!
Sheela and many such women’s success is with thanks to Hand in Hand India’s project in partnership with Asian Development Bank.