Higher Education

Students who have passed out of any of our educational programmes are supported for higher education through an endowment fund that provides merit-based scholarships.

The Transit Schools are also used as a platform for skill development and job creation for students of 17 years or older.

With higher numbers of students completing primary and secondary education, the need for higher education support is on the rise.


No. of Transit Schools


No of children in Transit Schools


* Data as of April 2017

Making dreams a reality

Sitting in her modest thatched dwelling in Vandavasi, Keerthana’s eyes well up as she shares painful memories of an alcoholic father who deserted the family.
When Keerthana was in Grade 10 she struggled to pass her English and Tamil exams. Her mother sensed the need for extra coaching and sent her to a costly private coaching centre, which did not help. In early 2012, she learned of the Transit School run by Hand in Hand India and Keerthana was enrolled. With hard work, she successfully passed her Tamil exam first and then the English exam. Two years after high school, she enrolled for a Diploma in Laboratory Technology at the Asian Institute of Technology. Now, Keerthana is in the second year of the course and earns INR 2,000 a month by supporting a local medical practitioner.
Keerthana’s dream is to set up a bio-medical laboratory in Vandavasi after she finishes her diploma and to build a house for her mother.