Child Healthcare and

In terms of child healthcare, the focus is on nutrition for children to ensure normal growth during their formative years and improving anganwadis (child day care centers) in India. The programmes are specifically chosen such that there is no overlap with existing government interventions to ensure proper penetration to areas that have the most need.

By creating awareness and training mothers, we promote early childhood nutrition. In India, this is done through distribution of nutrition powder provided by the government, tracking and documenting the status of each child and providing spot feeding for severely malnourished children.

Additional interventions include medical camps and community health clinics where nominal costs are charged for general checkups.


Medical Camp Beneficiaries


Children brought out of malnourishment


No of Anganwadis renovated


No. of villages in nutrition programme


No of children covered in the nutrition programme


* Data as of April 2017

Priyadarshini’s story

Priyadarshini faced breathlessness and palpitation at age of just 8. During a medical camp in her village, the doctors quickly realized that the problem was much more severe. They quickly recommended her to specialists who discovered that she had a hole in the heart. We immediately admitted her to hospital for a heart surgery (with the help of another foundation). Priyadarshini went through an ASD (atrial septal defect) closure surgery in July 2013. Today, she breathes normally, is able to eat regular food, goes to school and plays with her friends.