Here are some examples of how your donation to Hand in Hand Switzerland Association could help

Women’s Empowerment
Tailoring training for 10 women CHF 400
Assisting a poor women set up her own shop (micro enterprise ) CHF 150
Transportation and healthcare for a pregnant woman CHF 50
Children’s Education
Coaching 40 transit school children to pass exams CHF 1000
Supporting 1 poor child in higher studies CHF 250
Monthly ration for an impoverished child CHF 150
Sponsor a child! CHF 400
Tricycle for waste collection CHF 400
Sponsor dairy cattle for farmers CHF 400
Environmental awareness for 1000 households CHF 150
Support half an acre of high yielding horticulture CHF 150
Other projects
Village Uplift Programme CHF 150

Donate Via Bank Transfer

Make a donation by bank transfer to:

Account Holder Hand in Hand Switzerland Association
Account Number 1690636-11
IBAN CH09 0483 5169 0636 1100 0
Bank Credit Suisse Uster
“Donations received will be allocated to projects according to need and will be used towards the objectives of the association”