Hand in Hand Switzerland Association is a registered, tax-exempt, non-profit association governed by statutes and by Articles 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code.

Some key strategic initiatives are:

Promoting Hand in Hand India, Cambodia and Myanmar’s brand within the development sector at the global level and attracting partnership programs for these group institutions.

Arranging for managerial and technical support and specialized expert services for Hand in Hand India's group of institutions, either with its own resources or by engaging experts identified by Hand in Hand Switzerland and/or other associate entities or individuals

Convening meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops and conventions for the purpose of spreading the Hand in Hand model of development within the donor community and for the purpose of achieving the objectives of the Association.

Networking, collaborating and associating with other organizations pursuing similar goals

Hand in Hand Switzerland Association primarily works to project the contribution of Hand in Hand India and its group organizations, and while doing so, generate goodwill and promote their name, largely with the intention of attracting more opportunities as well as funding support to widen its span of service to the poor.

Facilitating cross-learning and exchange visits for the donor community to Hand in Hand India's group organizations across the world.

Hand in Hand Switzerland Association's approach is based on the following guiding principles

Pro poor and bottom
up approach


Mainstreaming gender in
all activities

Transparency and accountability
in all actions

Partnership and coordination with local institutions

Fostering global

Our team comprises a group of dynamic, like-minded global individuals who have come together to support this common cause.

Executive Committee

Dr. Kalpana Sankar


Mr. Amitava Tripathi, Former Indian Diplomat


Management Team

Mr. Sandip Mookerjee

Managing Director

Mr. Arndt Soret

Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Sahaana Sankar


Advisory Committee

Mr. Amitava Tripathi, Former Indian Diplomat


Ms. Vera P. Weill Halle


Mr. R Todd Wade