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Muskaan and Maahi dropped out of school in Grade 3, as their parents were migrant workers. Itis common to see families live a nomadic life in rural India, migrating to nearby states in searchof daily wages. Muskaan being the eldest child, looked after her three siblings while her parentsworked. Hand in Hand India mobilisers spotted the children, counselled the parents and got theduo back into school.

At the Transit school run by Hand in Hand India, for children of migrant labourers, Muskaan andMahi study with children of mixed age groups. The smiling faces of the two sisters set themapart from the other children. They have been with the school for a year now and love spendingtime with their friends when not studying. While most children want to become teachers anddoctors, Muskaan is daring and wants to become a Police officer. Mahi, however, wants tobecome a nurse. Behind their smiles, we see a silent grit that comes from hard work andambition.


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