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Farmers are our friends. As part of our Natural Resource Management intervention, we train farmers on effective water and soil management and best practices in organic farming. But we don’t stop just there. We help them market their produce too!

We have established a Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO) called Indian Natural Farmer Producers Company Ltd. (INFPCL). The idea behind this FPO is to streamline farming techniques and enhance the income of farmers in rural Tamil Nadu. The produce that is generated by these farmers is diverse – rice, pulses, vegetables, honey, dairy products and more.

What’s in it for the farmers? Plenty. The farmers get annual dividend on profit generated by INFPCL, saving on transportation cost, elimination of middlemen, training in new technology and conserving traditional crop varieties. Most importantly, they get direct producer-to-consumer linkage along with access to larger markets and higher price realisation.


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